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Safe Moving & Installation
We are the largest residential safe movers and installation operation in Allenhurst, NJ. With over the years of combined personal experience, our extensive knowledge and safety record has been the foundation to our success. Safe moving is our specialty!

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We offer both Installation and Safe Moving services.
Installations: When you purchase a safe, we will deliver & install the safe into your home. Those PRICEs and services are listed below.

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You can see the installation options and pricing at checkout before you enter any payment information.
Moves: If you need us to move a safe from one location to another then please click the request a quote button and we will get you a quote as quickly as possible.

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Typical lead times are 1 to 2 weeks from date of order. Please see the details below for more information.
Delivery Options
Store Pick-up – You can pick-up your safe at our dealership at no cost.
Delivery: We deliver to Allenhurst, NJ area and surrounding.
Curbside Drop Off
• Curbside drop off is limited to delivery of safe to curbside of residence or business.
• The safe pallet is not removed during curbside delivery and the safe is left in the box.
Garage Delivery
• Unloading the safe from the truck and placing it into a customer’s garage.
• A pallet jack must be able to roll into the garage easily.
• De-palletization
• Unpackaging
• Debris removal
• Placement of safe once the safe is unloaded into the garage
• Bolt down service included in the PRICE at no additional charge
In Home – Main Floor
• Limited to typical first-floor access involving 0 to 5 outside stair steps.
• A flat level concrete or paved pathway is required.
• Customer is responsible for ensuring the pathway, deck, steps, staircase and foundation are adequate to support the weight of the safe, safe transporting equipment and installation crew.
• Certain stairways, Highland Lakes
floors, or other obstacles may involve additional charges.
• Safe is taken off the pallet and packaging will be removed.
• Bolt down service included in the PRICE at no additional charge

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PLEASE NOTE: DIFFICULT DELIVERIES due to outside terrain, types of stairways, second floor or multiple floor installations, West Orange
/tile/wood floors, etc. may involve additional charges to complete the delivery.

We reserve the right to decline installations and or delivery involving risk of personal injury or property damage. Property title of merchandise purchased will transfer to buyer at dealer’s location.

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If you have any questions regarding delivery requests, please contact us at 201-468-6024 to get your free estimate!