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If you love playing your piano but hate moving it, don’t worry. Bluebell Relocation Services prides ourselves on being able to move your favorite instrument safely and securely. We specialize in Grand Pianos and have worked closely with Piano stores in delivering these instruments specifically for years. Their uneven weight distribution also makes piano moving an even bigger challenge that requires the most experienced care.

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Piano moving is one of the many specialties of Bluebell Relocation Services in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. Some moving companies won’t touch a piano because of all the things that can go wrong, but our team is highly trained and experienced in piano moving, and we’re ready to put those skills to good use for you!

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Bluebell Relocation Services are motivated with the ideology that hard work, perseverance, patience will pay off in the long run, and that integrity is key in developing a sustainable business. Bluebell Relocation Services has been assembling an all star-team, and is constantly developing procedures to improve every aspect of the moving process.

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We are the leading piano movers based in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. Our team has moved thousands of pianos and other challenging equipment over the years. We have perfected our method for doing so in the quickest and most effective way, with as little disruption or inconvenience to you. Our team employs a variety of equipment to make piano moving a little easier. We have various dollies specially designed for different types of pianos, straps and buckles to hold everything in place, and casters for getting the piano to the dolly and into the exact place it will be set up.

NOT ONLY THAT, BUT YOUR INSTRUMENT WILL BE INSURED AGAINST DAMAGES OR LOSS. Don’t strain your back moving your piano yourself. Let the team at Bluebell Relocation Services do it for you!

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Our team will inspect the piano for scratches and other damages before and after delivery to ensure that we haven’t caused any. We highly recommend having your piano tuned after it is delivered. Pianos need to be tuned – or at least checked – every so often anyway, so it’s a good opportunity to get it just right. Not only the physical act of moving, but also the humidity change, however slight, from its original home to the new one, can get your piano out of tune as well, so wait a week or so before scheduling a tuning. Moving a piano really isn’t as complicated as one might imagine, but experience and the right tools go a long way in a successful piano moving experience!

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Even other professional moving companies call on us to help them move pianos because of the expertise and specialized equipment required. If you need to move piano in Centervillr, NJ, Bluebell Relocation Services. is your go-to piano moving company. No matter what size the piano or organ you need to be moved, we offer full-service door-to-door pick-up and inside delivery for your convenience. Contact us right now to find out more about our service or to request a free quote.