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Berkeley Heights Commercial Movers

Commercial Movers Berkeley Heights
There are many different types of commercial moves – from clinics to warehouses, retail stores to law firms, last mile LTL freight to Real Estate Staging projects. Bluebell Relocation Services has a vast repertoire of commercial moving experience in this arena. The elements and conditions of the best commercial moving in Berkeley Heights, NJ can vary even more so than household moving. From the super heavy to the super fragile, we know that the stakes can be much higher than any commercial relocation.

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The most important thing our experience can tell us about any commercial move is that fools rush in. You don’t know what type of equipment you need to move your massive tile press because you bought it nearly a decade ago, and you forgot how it got there. Quite frankly, we don’t know what a tile press is because we’ve never heard of such a thing until you called us. What we do know is that people can get hurt if you don’t know what you’re getting into. In light of that, you would be hard pressed to get onto our schedule without a thorough On-Site Evaluation (OSE).

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Some jobs require special equipment. Even so, there is a lot that can be lost in translation, so we insist on meeting in person to analyze your project. For our Evaluator, the question is simple: what if it was me that was tasked with moving this object? If I had the resources and the inclination, what would I use to safely accomplish this task? Here at Bluebell Relocation Services commercial moving services, we have the resources and the inclination. Our zero loss runs across all four insurance policy types are your first clue to the fact that we are a Safety First Company.

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Ready to move? Call our commercial moving office or receive a Free Online Quote in Minutes! We don’t hire applicants; we qualify candidates, then certify technicians. Our interview process consists of technical aptitude, physical endurance/conditioning, and problem solving ability testing, before entering a probationary field tryout phase.

At Bluebell Relocation Services we believe that having prior commercial moving company experience may or may not constitute a repertoire of bad habits, so we value fundamental skillsets and exhibited potential over a resume. Many of our highest rated commercial movers have never worked for any other moving companies. All of our commercial movers are permanent, bonded employees.

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The guiding principal at Bluebell Relocation Services is a customer 2nd mentality. Our primary focus is our commercial movers. We believe that if our movers are not content, it will not be possible to deliver the standard of service that is our claim to fame. This is an extremely difficult job (if it was easy, there wouldn’t be an industry), and for any human being to weather the storm that is relocation on a daily basis – their heads and their hearts must be in the game.

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We treat our comemrcial movers with dignity, respect, and admiration. We learn from our guys and gals, and let their voices be heard. We afford them every tool, every advantage, and every consideration they need to fulfill their duties beyond our customers wildest expectations.