Delivery Request

 Delivery Request

In order to proceed with your shipment to your new home, please fill out the delivery request form with your information. Once we receive your request we will start your delivery process. Refer to your contract guidelines about the delivery transit time and windows and/or accessorial fees such as stairs, long carry, and shuttle truck if any applies. You can learn the definitions of our relocation moving services here.

  • The first available date you can receive your shipment.
    If no direct access for a 53ft tractor and trailer, a smaller truck (shuttle) will be required to access your new home. Shuttle fee will varies accordingly to shipment size. The minimum fee is $350 for up to 300 cubic feet, there after is $0.75 per each additional cubic feet
  • 1 flight (up to 12 steps) of stairs is included free of charges. Any additional Flight will be charge $50.00.
    Up to 75ft from the truck to your front door is include. Every additional 75ft will be charge $50.00