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Safes are designed to be kept in one place and be pretty immovable so what do you do when you do need to move it? There are many reasons why you wouldn’t attempt to move a commercial security safe yourself: they are heavy and they are bulky and if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t have the right equipment it can be quite dangerous. We offer a safe moving and relocation service so whether you’re moving premises, need it moving to a different floor or just want it taking away, our safe movers can help you.

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If you have a safe that needs moving please send photos of the safe along with the nature of the move (up or down stairs, proximity of new location etc) to our email address so we can assess the job and advise of costs. Why trust Bluebell Relocation Services for business safe moving and relocation? Safe removal team always led by professional safe engineer. Installation can be provided in new location. Can also open safes if required. Safes disposed of professionally. Can move safes between different floors and distinct locations.

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Along with our expertise in moving heavy object such as gun safes and jewelry safes, we also have the equipment and experience to move spas and hot tubs, heavy machinery, vending machines, restaurant and medical equipment, appliances, and furniture. We also provide services to relocate your entire home or office. Since we specialize in moving heavy objects, we can ensure that your home or office move is completed with the ease and care provided by experienced professionals.

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We have specialized tools to move safes that we have purchased and many other tools that we have designed and fabricated ourselves, to make each safe move appear almost effortless. We have had to fabricate specialized tools just to overcome a particular problem for one safe move, but we knew what was needed and since you can’t run down to the local Walmart to buy most of the equipment and tools we use.. sometimes we have to just make it ourselves.

With over a decade of experience we have the know-how and equipment to move your safe successfully, Safe moving is one of our specialties. Prompt service to the Denville, NJ and surrounding areas.

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There’s nothing we can’t move; we can help whether you have a gun safe, a heavy bathtub, a commercial appliance, a decorative stone statue, a piece of gym equipment, or an item of Oakhurst
furniture. Our heavy item moves are charged at a flat-rate PRICE and can be performed as lone tasks or as part of your full move.

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Our reputation is based on the trust we have built with our clients. Over the years, we have expanded into a full safe moving services company with the ability to provide a number of storage options, professional packing services, and a full range of moving services options. At Bluebell Relocation Services, we understand the responsibility you entrust us with and we take the greatest of care when handling your belongings. As a Bluebell Relocation Services we take steps to make sure there are no hassles, only reduced stress and the results you are looking for.