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It might seem like there’s a lot you have to gather in order to pack your belongings safely, but we can help make that process less daunting. We offer packing services to help you out, but here’s a preview of what we advise to keep your goods safe.

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We’re antique, art, and electronic experts so you can rest assured that these precious and expensive items will be well packed during your move. We offer professional blanket wrapping at no extra charge to you to make sure your big items are kept safe during the moving process. We’re seasoned experts at moving for trade shows and exhibits, so whether it’s a painting or a statue or electronic equipment, we have you covered!

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We also weren’t kidding when we said we can move your piano for you! Some pianos weigh up to 700lbs, and it’s not like you can just put it in a box. Our piano moving specialists can make sure that we transport your piano safely and securely so you’re able to make music as soon as you’re all settled in!

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Most of all, when you book your move with us we ensure that you’re satisfied. Our movers will position all your furniture to your satisfaction to make sure you don’t have to do it yourself. We also offer unpacking services to help you get set up after your move! Additionally, we carry $2 Million General Liability Insurance and aim to keep your goods as safe as possible.

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Cardboard moving boxes are probably the most prevalent part of any moving supply kit. They form the basis for the materials you will need and will provide you with a place to pack most of the things that you own. Most moving boxes come in a variety of sizes, including smaller boxes for heavier items like books, and larger boxes for lighter things like blankets, lamp shades, or even home decor. If you choose to purchase boxes, you will find they are sold in four standard sizes: small, medium, large, extra large. Most experts recommend, for an average four bedroom home, that a variety of these boxes be purchased before packing begins. A good mix will include about 20 smaller boxes, 12 medium, 10 large, and 5 extra-large. This may not seem like a whole lot, but when combined with specialty boxes, it provides just what you need for a home this size. If your home is larger, you may need a few more of each size in scale with the amounts listed here.

Boxes are not the only thing that you will need to complete the packing process. There are also a number of accessories that will be required. Keeping the following things on hand will ensure that your boxes are well organized, and their contents well protected from the movement that relocation can present on the goods you are shipping. Most damage during a move comes from the shifting that goods are subjected to throughout the process. You can avoid problems by packing things safely with the following materials.

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It might look like saran wrap or kitchen plastic wrap, but mover’s stretch wrap is more durable and able to withstand the rigors of moving. It can be used to protect certain surfaces throughout the course of a move, or to hold things together and drawers closed. Be careful when using this on furniture if you are moving in the hottest parts of the summer, as there may be some damage to delicate finishes if left in extreme heat for extended periods of time.