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Valuable items are notorious for springing new life into whatever room they’re placed in. They’re known for adding personality, character, and a certain uniqueness that you just can’t find from a big-box store or the latest designer trend. Bluebell Relocation Services, we understand these particular items require very special care; after all, if one of them breaks, you can’t really run out and buy a new one. Bluebell Relocation Services ‘s clear-cut process ensures your most valuable antiques, vintage items, and collectibles are protected for the duration of the one-piece move. Our one-piece moving process begins with prepping the valuable item.

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Valuable items include inspecting, photographing, inventorying, valuing, and wrapping it. If your antique is located on a display surface, don’t worry; we will take it off the surface in order to produce the most accurate inspection. For your entire move, antiques are always the first item we inspect, protect, and inventory. We know how important they are to you, so we handle them with the same care.

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Bluebell Relocation Services will then wrap and pack the item. Depending on the antique, it will either be put into a custom made wood crate, surrounded by foam protection, or placed into a corrugated box with cushions all around the item. Our movers use the “two layer protection method” to protect your valuable. The first of the layers is the protective wrap, which is used to keep your item safe and clean. This can include non-acidic paper for porous items (such as books and fabrics), or foam wrap for wood and glass. The outer portion is the vibration protection layer, which uses a combination of bubble wrap, foam, and professional moving pads to absorb shock while the item is in movement.

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Now that your antique is protected, we move it into our truck. Depending on the height, weight, and shape, our moving experts will either carry it by hand or use a specialized dolly to carefully transport the antique. The antique will always be the last thing put on the truck, to ensure its safety and security. Typically, Bluebell Relocation Services will move all antiques separate from the rest of the moving shipment. The antique is placed against the wall of the truck, and is then buckled and strapped down to make sure no movement occurs during the drive.

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Our highly experienced one piece movers will drive the truck through a slow and safe route, ensuring the best path to its final location. Once the drive is complete, the antique is the first item taken off the truck and carefully brought to its permanent location. Lastly, we end just like we begin, with another inspection to make sure no damage was endured. We know our job isn’t complete until we have the final confirmation by the customer that the antique is in the same condition as before the move. You might think there are many steps we take to move one item, but here at Bluebell Relocation Services we provide only the top-of-the-line services to our customers.

At Bluebell Relocation Services, we handle everything it takes to get your valuable item safely moved. That’s why we recommend the customer perform a couple of tasks prior to the one-piece move, to create the smoothest and easiest move possible.

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Our one piece moving service is ready to come carefully pack, expertly ship, efficiently deliver, and preserve the integrity of each load and item. If you have a collection you’re particularly protective of, we completely understand! Our advice? Don’t trust them with any other mover. Allow Bluebell Relocation Services, the next generation in moving and storage, to give your antiques the patient, professional treatment they deserve.
Additionally, with competitive pricing, our issue-free delivery rates are the best value in the business. Contact us today if we can help make your move smoother.