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New Jersey Long Distance MoversLocated in Kearny New Jersey, our dedicated team of moving professionals specialize in long distance moves to and from the Tri State area. With long distance moving trucks, packing experience, and a qualified team of long distance drivers, Bluebell Moving and Storage is the moving team for you. Our services vary depending on your needs, but ultimately we do it all. From boxing up items, to loading the truck, and hauling your belongings in or out of state. We are located in New Jersey but travel as far as California if needed.

Preparing For A Long Distance Move

Regardless if this is your first move, or your tenth move, there are somethings that everyone should consider when moving out of state. Things like local laws, finding a DMV, emergency contact information, hospitals, police stations, schools, neighborhoods, and general information regarding your new surroundings. It is often suggested that this information is researched and a moving plan is in place prior to making any moves. If you move out of state and show up at your new place and there is something wrong, you should have a plan in place to contact friends or family and local law enforcement if there are any issues that may require it. Another often overlooked piece of advice is to order utility services and internet prior to arrival. Depending on how far your move is, this could be something that needs to be done weeks in advance. Take into consideration that travel time can be unpredictable and if you are moving an extremely long distance and driving your own vehicle, be prepared for things like rush hour traffic and interstate accidents. If you are fortunate enough to fly across the country to move into your new home then you don’t have to worry about this as much.

Don’t Forget Anything

Moving across the country is a major event, travel time can take days depending on the truck load. If you don’t have family or friends where you are moving from long distance move packaging NJwe highly suggest that you double check your home and storage units to make sure that there are no items being left behind. If you move to California, and you leave something of importance in New York, you can probably say goodbye to whatever it was because it’s a long distance from NY to CA. Believe it or not many people leave items in attics and storage containers that they forgot they had prior to moving. During a stressful event like moving cross country can cause disorderly behavior in some people. This behavior often leaves them scrambled and forgetful. Do yourself a huge favor, make a moving checklist. Make a pre-move, and post-move checklist to account for everything that needs to be done between the time the move begins to the time it ends.

Communicating With Your Movers

An out of state move can be a long draining process. We highly recommend you keeping a strong line of communication open with your moving team. Things like verifying address details, scheduling a meeting place, and a meeting time. If you are flying and your movers are driving, make sure you have properly planned your travels so that everyone arrives on time and the home or storage unit is accessible upon arrival. Most long distance movers are very precise with their contracts as there is very little room for error when moving out of state or across the country. Therefor, be sure you read the contract carefully and communicate regularly with your movers. If you are unsure of anything at all, ask questions.

Settling Into Your New Home

long distance movers njMoving from New Jersey to New Mexico is a long move. In addition to travel time being a thorn in your side, you may also find upon arrival that the weather conditions may be more of a shock then anticipated. Moving from a cool climate like New Jersey to a warm one like New Mexico or Arizona can be quite a shock to the system if you’re used to gloomy winters and snowfall. In Arizona, you won’t experience the gloom of winter unless you move to far northern Arizona where weather patters are more diverse than they are in the valley. Either way, make note of it and prepare yourself with appropriate attire.



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