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Piano Movers in Monmouth County, NJ
The Bluebell Relocation Services experience transcends beyond the typical services offered by most Monmouth County, NJ moving companies, as we have been entrusted with the important responsibility of piano moving in Monmouth County, NJ. As professional piano movers , we fully comprehend the value of the piano as being more than a furniture component or an accoutrement to your interior surroundings. This exquisitely designed instrument is a harmonious vessel of musicality that brings endless joy into the lives of those who listen to and play it. Therefore, the sustainability of the piano’s inner workings is pivotal to its precise function and tonality.

Bluebell Relocation Services: Piano Movers in Monmouth County

As a result, it is essential to choose a Monmouth County, NJ piano mover that knows how to move a piano safely and securely with the extraordinary amount of specialized care required to preserve its integrity and Bluebell Relocation Services is your best choice for piano moving in Monmouth County, NJ!
If you are moving to another area of Monmouth County, NJ, we will be the perfect local piano movers for you offering the sensitivity and respect that you’ll need to make you feel completely comfortable about the handling and care of your piano. The same applies if you are relocating to another state, because as long-distance piano movers , we understand the additional caution and protective measures that we must take to ensure that your piano has a smooth and undisturbed journey along the interstate.

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Your peace of mind is paramount to this endeavor and we are confident that Bluebell Relocation Services can exceed all expectations as the leading company for moving a piano.
Pianos tend to be unconventional in form and dimension with an enhanced level of fragility. The members of the Bluebell Relocation Services team are professionally trained in moving pianos in Monmouth County, NJ. The in-depth expertise combined with several years of experience in this area of moving helps our staff to understand the unique facets of such a move and allows them to utilize the safest and most effective methods possible. To help take away some of your worry and concern, we would like to explain what you should expect when we are moving a piano:

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We do not want to risk any harm to your piano during the move. Therefore, before we begin the piano moving process, we will start by removing any detachable parts of your piano that might cause damage or receive damage in transition. We will use the appropriate tools to disconnect items from the piano such as the hinges, lids, legs, pedals, and castors. This process will help to stabilize the instrument for easier handling and then, we will wrap each of those parts individually to be transported with the piano.

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We do not want any walls, doors, stairs, floors, or other items to come in contact with any surface of the piano during the move to avoid scratches, dents, or bumps while our movers are handling and transporting it. The special moving blankets that Bluebell Relocation Services uses for wrapping all furniture are ideal for covering pianos, as these blankets are designed with a touchable soft exterior and thick padding for optimum protection. We will wrap your piano in its entirety to ensure that every part of the piano is completely covered.

Bluebell Relocation Services has all of the necessary moving equipment designed specifically for properly securing and moving a piano. Included will be a special piano board or dolly, where we will carefully position the piano to stand in the best upright or side position possible contingent upon the piano style, size, and shape. We use only the highest quality heavy-duty piano straps available made from durable materials with internal webbing for a secure hold on the piano and board to alleviate slipping or any other movement during transport.

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Once all of the other steps have been performed and we are sure that the piano is secured and ready for transport; our professional piano movers will carefully maneuver your instrument using any other equipment that may be needed to transfer your piano from your previous address to the truck. The piano will be loaded and unloaded with safety in mind the entire time and positioned within the truck for the least amount of exposure to other furniture items or boxes. In addition, your piano will be on a clean, well-maintained, safe, and secured truck at all times.
If it becomes necessary to store your piano on a temporary or long-term basis, you do not need to worry. As your long distance and local piano movers, Bluebell Relocation Services offers a variety of storage solutions that will be ideal for keeping your valuable piano safe and secure until you are ready to have it transported to its new home. Our warehouse has everything that you will need from its temperature-controlled environment and pristine surroundings to the 24-hour digital surveillance that we use for the ultimate in storage security.