Moving to Clifton – tips and tricks?

People move for different reasons. Sometimes because they want to enroll a good college. And other times because of landing a better job. Again, there are times when people decide to move for the sake of their family. Whatever is the case, they are interested in finding out everything that is to know about the place they are moving to. It is obvious and very easy if you are moving to a New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago. Everyone already knows a bunch of stuff about those giant cities. But what about the smaller ones? There are so many smaller hidden gems to discover. If you are moving to Clifton, New Jersey you will soon find out that you have hit the jackpot. The perfect combination of small-town vibe and the energy of being close to the big one, such as NYC in this case.

Things to know when moving to Clifton

Just as you would do proper research when you need to buy something, you should do the research of the place you are planning to move to. Whether you are buying shoes or a car, you are probably going to visit different places and sites to find what suits you. And if you need professionals to relocate your stuff, research will show you reliable movers like Bluebell moving and storage you could hire. In the case of moving to Clifton, you should do the research on what is the town like. Also, how are the opportunities in it?

Moving to Clifton - panorama of NYC
Moving to Clifton is a great way to live in peace and stay close to NYC

Luckily for you, Clifton is a town which is on the rise. That means more and more opportunities for you as the time goes by. Whether we are talking about the economy, jobs, school system or everyday things to do. But first, let’s get through the basics of this lovely town:

  • what is the weather like,
  • how are the people of Clifton,
  • job opportunities,
  • transportation and proximity.

When you see how great things are, you will be asking yourself one question. How come you didn’t plan on moving to Clifton earlier?

What is the weather like?

Clifton is located 10 miles west of New York City, which means that they have a similar climate. However, unlike NYC, this town isn’t located by the sea, which makes some differences in climate. Clifton lies in the transitional zone between humid subtropical and humid continental climates. Winters are cold and dump with a several extremely cold days per season. Summers are typically warm to hot and humid, just like in NYC. Except it will be easier to stand them without all that concrete that surrounds New York. However, when it comes to moving to Clifton, it’s best to consider spring and autumn. They can be somewhat unpredictable, but you and your long distance movers will have the best shot in relocating in nice weather. Days range from chilly to warm, although they are usually mild with low humidity, which is great for moving.

How are the people of Clifton?

If you know that Clifton’s nickname is “The City that Cares“, you probably get the idea of what people are like. This is an unpretentious, predominantly middle-class city, where around 85,000 people live. It is a very diverse town considering the number of its citizens. That diverse that it took the 25th place of most culturally diverse cities in the United States and No. 3 in linguistic diversity. This is due to its multiculturality. Americans alongside African-American, Hispanic and even Turkish or Polish origin people live together in harmony. There are no racial cliches that you want to avoid because everyone is tolerating each other. So, are you tired of New York’s crowd and decided on hiring local movers and moving to Clifton? If so, you are bound to stop stressing out over too many people everywhere and unreasonable people racial-wise.

Four people different races talking over coffee
The diversity of people makes everyone feel welcome

The interesting fact is that more than 70 languages are spoken in the homes of public school students. So you can get the idea of how many little worlds, religiously, ethnically and locational-ly, are thriving in Clifton. And if you surround yourself with that many diverse people, that is always a good opportunity to learn something new about yourself or the others. Also, a little more than half of the population consist of married couples, with or without children. But, as the town is getting bigger, more and more young professionals without families are settling in. So moving to Clifton can also be a good opportunity to meet the future love of your life.

Job opportunities

The great thing about moving to Clifton is that you probably wouldn’t have to look for a job for too long. The reason for that is its growing economy. While some other smaller towns struggle with the economy and the decreasing number of population, Clifton is not one of them. This city has recently experienced an influx of both people and resources. Not only there are always new job openings. This is also a great place to be if you want to start your own business. Because the market has not been fully exploited yet. If that is not big enough reason to call the packing services and move to Clifton, maybe this will be. Median income to housing costs ratio in Clifton is extremely good, so people have the opportunity to save or invest in another business.

Transportation and proximity

You already know that Clifton is only 10 miles away from the City That Never Sleeps. And is crisscrossed by highways, two of which — the Garden State Parkway and Route 46 — intersect twice. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise to know that there are some great connections with The City. Buses and town’s two rail stations provide Clifton transit commuters the way directly to Manhattan. So if you plan on moving to Clifton, you can be in NYC any day in just 35-45 minutes. Whether you use public transport or your car, the never-ending dynamic of NYC is just a short ride away. So you can have that, while you enjoy the peace and silence of the suburbs with good schooling system and moderate social life.

A man waiting a train
Public transport in Clifton will get you anywhere you need to be

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  • Avatar Edwin ★★★★★ June 15, 2019
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    Epitome of moving The move couldn't have gone any better. The moving team really did a great job. I could tell from the first phone call that they were a good moving service. They were very organized and detailed and helped me understand my moving estimate. They accommodated all my requests and were on time for their pick up and it was a speedy delivery. Hopefully I will not be moving again anytime soon but if it does come up, I know exactly who to call. Origin : Newark, NJ Destination : Pittsburgh, PA Quoted Price : $1,800.00 Actual Price : $1,830.00
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    I couldn't be happier Bluebell Relocation Services made my move the easiest one ever. The movers were courteous when they showed up and they clarified the items I was most concerned about so that extra care could be taken. Everything was loaded and unloaded quickly without any damage to anything or any box. After moving in, the boxes were sorted exactly as I asked. I couldn't have asked for a better moving experience. I wouldn't hesitate to refer them to anyone needing a moving service. Origin : Clifton, NJ Destination : New York, NY Quoted Price : $1,700.00 Actual Price : $1,751.00
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    Complete service for a reasonable price This company was worth every penny we spent on their amazing help. The movers were incredibly hard working, friendly and considerate with all our things. Hiring this company was easily the best decision we made for our whole move. I just can't write enough good things about the movers and the company. If or when we move again, Bluebell Relocation Services will be the first number on our list. Origin : Clifton, NJ Destination : Hartford, CT Quoted Price : $1,700.00 Actual Price : $1,730.00
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Ann Smi
Ann Smi
March 4
I had to relocate my belongings many times in the last three years, and something always broke to the other side. I was so frustrated that I was even ready to do everything on my own, but my brother knew someone in Blue Bell, and he sent me his contact information. I was straight that I would not bear any losses, and he asked me to rest assured. I have everything relocated safely for the first time.
David Warner
David Warner
December21, 2020
My parents were shifting near my place in Omaha and were a bit confused about how to relocate everything. My friends suggested that I use Blue Bell services, and we called them. They gave me an estimated cost on the call itself and completed the service well within the time frame. My parents also had a great time interacting with their amicable workers. I am happy with their service and their polite working staff.
Harry Dawn
Harry Dawn
December 19, 2020
Their service is unmatched, and so is their professionalism. I required someone for fast shifting and relocation, and I explained my situation to the Bluebell's manager. He gave me a quote immediately and began the process. I did not expect anyone to relocate all my items to my new location 50 kilometers away the next day. Blue Bell services have indeed proved me wrong by doing it very efficiently. I am impressed with the team's strength and dedication to serving their customers.
Era Grass
Era Grass
November 25, 2020
The crew did an awesome job of making sure nothing was damaged. They showed up a few minutes earlier and were very friendly to us. I am very happy with this company.
James Taylor
James Taylor
November 25, 2020
They recently assist me in moving out the one bed room luggage. This company staff member was incredible in conversation and perfect in handling everything with immense care. Surely 5 stars rating.
Ruby Cens
Ruby Cens
November 24, 2020
If you are looking for the best relocation services then I would love to suggest Bluebell relocation consultants. I can say 100% they are the best in New Jersey. Try their amazing service.
William Miller
William Miller
October 4, 2020
Indeed, Bluebell Relocation Services are the best in town for providing packing and moving services. Every worker is well professional and does not create any chaos. They work in an organized manner and am impressed by them. I highly recommend them to all.

Bluebell Relocation Services

45 reviews

  • Avatar Casey Kelly ★★★★★ June 18, 2019
    I used this company 3 weeks ago for my move while I relocated with my family. It was a huge move. They had to pack, move and store all my belongings and they had to lift and move the heavy furniture and stuffs using the very narrow stair ways from the 5th floor. I was ready for some damage but nothing happened like that. Movers did extremely well to move all my stuff at the right place within the allotted time and in one piece. I am really impressed and happy with the service their men and also happy how their rep managed to schedule my move and my thanks also goes to the outside estimator for a very precise onsite estimate. I recommend Bluebell Relocation Services to everyone for all kind of relocation needs.
  • Avatar Virgil Partin ★★★★★ June 13, 2019
    Bluebell Relocation Services is a good moving company I must say. It was very easy to communicate with them. They understood my requirements and gave me a pretty good deal. They sent their moving team first thing in the morning on the moving day. The movers were, efficient, caring and sincere. They knew how the furniture needed to be taken out of the apartment. I gladly recommend them because they have given me a smooth move without any damages.
  • Avatar Daniel Adler ★★★★★ June 11, 2019
    There are not enough superlatives to describe how impressed I was with Bluebell Relocation Services. These guys were punctual, extremely polite and got on with the job as soon as they arrived. Everything was handled with extreme care at our old and new homes. The transportation of more challenging items was brought through carefully and executed perfectly. If you want to de-stress the day of your move, these folks will go a long way to achieve that goal.
  • Avatar Lawrence J Durrant Sr. ★★★★★ June 10, 2019
    Bluebell Relocation Services was an incredible moving company in all aspects of customer service. Everyone we interacted with was professional and helpful. On the day of the move, the movers were extremely efficient and great to work with. I am truly satisfied and impressed with their service provided. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
  • Avatar Donald Fitz ★★★★★ June 8, 2019
    I was really impressed with Bluebell Relocation Services. They provided me multiple options and a great price quote. The moving team was on time. They wrapped and covered items like the contract says they will. They've been quick to get back to me, but have also given me plenty of time to make a decision. From the movers to drivers and each and every one was friendly and efficient. It was an impressive move. I will use them again.
  • Avatar David Miller ★★★★★ June 7, 2019
    I had not worked with Bluebell Relocation Services before but the praises my friend accorded them gave me an idea of what to expect. After making enquiries from their sales personnel, we agreed on the job details and he promised to send their movers on the agreed date. On the moving day, the moving team arrived at my house at 8am sharp with everything necessary to relocate me. The whole moving process was smooth and took such a short time. Now I can also recommend them.
  • Avatar Billy Michael Batey Jr. ★★★★★ April 29, 2019
    Bluebell Relocation Services is a sure bet - the best moving company we have ever used. The team showed up promptly and packed and moved all our furniture with great care. Their pricing estimate turned out to be exactly what the move ended up costing and they were very pleasant to work with. I will always use them for my future moves and I would highly recommend them to anyone moving.