New York and New Jersey are similar neighborly states. Still, there are some significant differences between them. The ones that you need to consider when you are planning to move to NYC from NJ. While New York City is an amazing city, it still has a few downsides that may be the deal breakers. Good research is always crucial before the big relocation. Here are some things that you have to know before moving from NJ to NY.

Differences between NJ and NY

Once you know the differences between New Jersey and New York, you can prepare better for your relocation.


Big Apple is famous as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Living in this city comes with a high price tag and that’s the first difference that you will notice when moving from NJ to NYC.
But when comparing living costs, NJ has some surprising costs. In fact, New Jersey is the state that has the highest taxes in the USA. They are much higher than in the pricey NYC. The average property tax in New Jersey is alarming 2,1.9%, while New York’s is 0.72%.
Still, while it seems that you may save some money on property tax when moving from NJ to NY, it’s not really the case. Income and resident taxes, are much lower in New Jersey. So, it kinda evens out.

Keep taxes in mind when moving from NJ to NY

Daily commute

When your living in New Jersey it’s recommendable to have a car. If you do, the best advice is to leave it behind when you’re moving from NJ to NY.
Having a car in New York is very expensive. Due to the higher gas prices and expensive parking fees (if you even find the spot) its just not worth it. Not to mention the horrible traffic jams that will cost you a lot of time. Yes, owning a car in NYC doesn’t really pay off.
However, it’s not even necessary. New York has one of the best public transportation in the world. The subway connects all the boroughs and their neighborhoods, so it’s the most efficient way to get from one end to the city to the other one. It will also take a lot less time than commuting by car.

Leave your car behind when you are moving from NJ to NY

Housing expenses

When it comes to housing expenses, you should know that prices in NYC vary greatly from borough to borough.  There ’s no doubt that living in some of the Manhattan neighborhoods is very attractive though, but the one that isn’t a reality for many. The prices for even studio apartment in this borough are ridiculously high.

Still, there are boroughs that are more affordable. Brooklyn is in the higher price range, but it’s twice more affordable than Manhattan. If you are moving from NJ to NY on the budget, then the Bronx is the best solution. It offers the cheapest housing options, and there are very nice neighborhoods in this borough. Since great public transportation, you can be in downtown in no time.

However, by comparing New York to New Jersey living costs, finding affordable housing in NYC is a very tough task. It’s not an impossible mission, but you have to prepare to lower your expectation. For the studio apartment in one of the most popular NYC neighborhoods, you can rent the house in New Jersey.

Entertainment option

When comparing the entertaining option of these two states, NYC is the clear winner.
There’s no doubt that you will benefit from moving from NJ to NYC when fun is in question. As the city that never sleeps, Big Apple is one of the most exciting cities in the world. It provides so many entertainment options. From theatre shows, art exhibits, cultural events, amazing dining options to the wild nights in bars and nightclubs.

Nightlife in NYC is amazing

Moving from NJ to NY – tips for the stress-free relocation

Key of every successful relocation is preparation. There’s a lot of polemics about hiring movers vs DIY move, but whatever you decide, you have to start organizing your relocation early.
Your moving from NJ to NYC will require a lot of planning, and the sooner you start, the more organized your relocation will be. These are the steps that you have to take to make your relocation easier.

  • Make a moving checklist. It’s easy to forget some important task since relocation have a lot of time. When you putt things in writing, in the form of the checklist, it will help you with an organization and keeping things on track.
  • Creating a moving budget. You have to know approximate moving costs in order to know how much money you should set aside when you’re moving from NJ to NYC.
  • Choose the perfect neighborhood. You have to decide in which part of the town, you wish your new neighborhood to be.
  • Look for a new home. Since NYC is in the proximity of New Jersey, its best to look for a new home in person than to rely on the online ads.
  • Make a packing plan and schedule. You will need a detailed plan on packing all of your belongings for the relocation. Its good advice to make a packing schedule and try to keep it. If it turns out that packing is overwhelming, you can always purchase additional packing services from the movers.

Hire a moving company

While hiring a moving company is optional, it is the best solution for the stress-free move. When you hire trustworthy movers with years of experience, you will be taking a lot of burden out of your shoulders. Movers will make sure that your belongings are put in the moving vehicle with the utmost care. They will then transport and deliver them safely to your new home.
When you put your relocation at the capable hands of professionals, it will mean much easier and move.

Is moving from NJ to NY the right choice for you?

It is necessary to do your research and find out if the NYC the place where you can see yourself. Also, you have to be realistic about it. The desire to live somewhere is different that can you realistically achieve that. If you can’t afford NYC living expenses than this may not be the right time to take this step.
On the other hand, if everything checks out, and you are capable to maintain the current quality of life after moving to New York than the relocation can be the step into the right direction.