You’ve searched far and wide and finally have stumbled upon the perfect place to plant your roots in. A spacious area, with a lot of daylight and all the comforts and conveniences you might need. However, how in the world, are you going to get your belongings there? That’s where hiring movers and negotiating tactics come into play. There are a lot of DIY relocation challenges you can avoid by just hiring a moving company. However, you might find that the extra cost of hiring movers might press your already tight funds. So what should you do? That’s where this article comes into play. If you apply the methods discussed bellow you might get the best deal out of your movers, and save money as well.

Saving money

Finding a reliable moving company

If you want to save money during your relocation the most important thing to do before hiring movers is to find a reliable moving company. Why? Because if you pick a moving company based on its low pricing, and they turn out to be a fraudulent moving company, you can say goodbye to your money and your belongings. We understand that you don’t want to go over your moving budget, and that is fine, but don’t skim over the following recommendation when looking for a moving company. You want to make sure that the company is

  • certified and registered;
  • offering reasonable prices;
  • offering an in-home estimate;
  • willing to agree to a moving contract on mutual terms.

While these steps are not an all-exhaustive list on avoiding scamming companies, they are good bookmarks to keep in the back of your mind when looking for a moving company.

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Hire a reliable moving company

Hopefully, by now you should be staring down a list of potential moving companies you are looking to hire. Take note of their moving quotes to compare and contrast. The best method for going about this is to simply request an itemized quote. Just take a mental image of all the services you won’t need, and see which companies offer the best prices without those extra services. For example, moving services NJ offers a plethora of add-ons which might increase the cost of the moving quote. However, if you give us a call we will gladly customize the price to the services you need.

Before you start to employ negotiating tactics…

We recommend that you declutter your belongings and pack them by yourself. Why? Well, depending on the moving company, you might be charged either with a flat fee or by the use of their time and materials. If you are able to reduce the number of items they need to pack, and time they need to spend packing those items, you might get an awesome deal without even negotiating! We recommend that you donate things that you don’t need to a charity. While everything else that they do not wish to accept either sell or get rid of.

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Another bonus is that when you are packing by yourself, every item, every tool, and toy is accounted for. And you’ll be able to relax, knowing where each of your belongings is.

Negotiating tactics that will get you the best deal with movers

You can always try to negotiate. Bargain and barter. Moving companies are well aware that the market is huge, and some might be willing to reduce their quote in order to get you as a client. If that is the case, here is a little tactic that can help immensely.

The Ackerman System

Mike Ackerman invented this model in the ’90s. It works so well even the FBI uses it in their hostage negotiations. The idea behind the system is as follows. Pick out your target price (ie. the amount you are willing to pay the movers). Then you are going to tell the movers that you are willing to pay 65% of the target price. Then you are going to plan on making three raises to get to the price that you wanted.

  • The first rise is going to be a 20% rise, followed by a 10% raise and the last rise is going to be 5%. Each one of the rises is decreasing in increments by half. And then when you get to the very last number you are going to throw in an odd number.

An example

Let’s say you want to pay only 100 dollars for a moving quote.  The moving company is asking 150, 200 even 250 dollars. You are going to come at 65% of where you want to end up.  So, you apologetically say that you have a price that will make them angry, and you are scared of their reaction. This way you are asking for their permission. What actually is happening is that the moving company will most likely think that you want a moving quote for free. Or at the very least somewhere around 10$. However, you give them a price of 65$. This is where they see you are not just wasting their time and that you are bargaining. Now you can start negotiating in increments with your Asbury Park movers until you get to the price you wanted to pay – 100 dollars.

In conclusion

Hopefully, this article was helpful. We’ve also like to mention that the bargaining method outlined above might not work if the moving company doesn’t want to bargain. And that’s okay. That’s why we have presented other methods of lowering the price of moving quotes so you will still be able to hire a moving company in the constraints of your budget.