Pre-move cleaning tips and tricks

Preparing for the move can sometimes feel like it’s never going to end. Firstly, there’s a phase of relocation in which you have to finish and sign all the paperwork, both for the new house and the old one. Then, you would have to hire moving services NJ. Last, but not least, comes the packing and cleaning phase. Unfortunately, that one usually proves to be the most strenuous. It is usually both physically and mentally demanding and requires every family member’s help. Not to worry – we’ve prepared plenty of tips and tricks for pre-move cleaning.

pre-move cleaning with a vacuum
Before you grab the vacuum, take the time to plan out your pre-move cleaning.

The ultimate guide for pre-move cleaning

Following our advice, you can apply this knowledge in two ways. One, if you are moving out of a place and need to make it spotless before you leave. Two, if you are moving into a new property and it is not quite cleaned up. While the first situation may be more common than the latter, they are both possible. Landlords usually want their renters to leave their home in sparkling clean. If they do not, a certain amount is deducted from their deposit. Even if you are selling your home, you want it in tip-top shape before you stage it for the sale.

Things to do before you start cleaning

What most cleaning experts agree on, is that you should first pack and then clean. It surely makes sense – open spaces are much easier to clean than cluttered rooms. While you may have packed everything up in boxes and piled them up in one corner, moving them around is still a hassle. Whether you are packing by yourself or are using professional packing services NJ, make sure you fully complete that phase before beginning to clean. Once you get that out of the way, there are a few more things to do before you grab the mop:

  • Have all your cleaning supplies ready. No one wants to put on the gloves and start cleaning only to realize that they are out of something! Grocery store runs will only waste your time and energy you could put into cleaning.
  • Get help from family members, friends or neighbors. Great teamwork is the key to success! Even your kids could join in by doing simple chores such as mopping or dusting.
  • Make an upbeat playlist and blast it from a Bluetooth speaker. Fun music can make this feel like a party. The best thing about it all? Time will just fly by!

    Empty house hallway with wooden floors
    Moving in or moving out? Either way, it’s easier to clean while the house is completely empty.

It’s now time to roll up the sleeves and start cleaning

Now there are no cardboard boxes in the rooms and everyone is ready to begin. If you have a great team, all of this can be done in just a few hours! Don’t worry if you don’t – you can always split this cleaning job up in a few days if you’re not in a rush. Of course, you can always hire professional cleaners to do it for you. However, we know that everyone wants to save as much money as they can and save on moving expenses. There are a few basic steps you don’t want to miss while doing your pre-move cleaning.

Repairs before vacuums and mops

This should always be your first priority. Everyone will forgive you if you leave a bit of dust behind, but they won’t overlook the holes in the walls. Make sure to remove all hooks and screws from walls and ceilings. Fill all wall holes and paint over them before continuing on. Repair any light fixtures and clothing racks that may have been damaged.

The first pro tip for pre-move cleaning

Here’s the first golden rule for pre-move cleaning: start from the top and continue on to the bottom. Unsure what this means? We’ll explain it. Ceiling fans, overhead light fixtures or tall furniture doesn’t get cleaned quite as often, simply because they are too tall. Over time, they get grimy and dusty. Grab a ladder and clean those first! Inevitably, all that dirt will fall down on the floor, and that’s what you’ll clean last. You won’t have to do double the work! Experts recommend using microfiber towels for dusting surfaces. They can cut down on allergens and will collect more dirt than regular towels.

Your guide to cleaning the kitchen

The kitchen and the bathroom will likely be the dirtiest rooms in the house. Because they have their own appliances which need a deep clean, you will spend more time cleaning these rooms than, for example, the empty bedroom. Start with the fridge and the freezer – clean them inside and outside, as well as the microwave. Soap and warm water do wonder for the shelves and drawers inside! Soak them for a few minutes if needed, but you should be able to get all the gunk out easily. Also, get someone to help you move large appliances, so you can mop and vacuum behind them as well. Lastly, don’t forget about the oven! The self-cleaning option is of great help, and if the oven has it, use it to your advantage!

Finish your pre-move cleaning with windows and floors

Once you got through all the rooms, it’s time to start finishing up. The last phase of your cleaning should be reserved for the windows, doors and lastly, floors. Our pro tip for washing the glass surfaces is to do it in the evening. When the sun is at its height, you won’t be able to see all the streaks. Although it seems tricky, washing your windows just takes a bit of practice.

Man cleaning glass walls
It’s best to leave window cleaning for the evening. That way, you will be able to see if you’re smudging the glass!

Finally, once you get to the floors and the rest of the house is clean, you’re almost at the end! Vacuum first and mop in the end. Use a steam cleaner for more efficient carpet cleaning, and make sure to get all the corners and edges. And that’s it, you’re done! Pre-move cleaning can be much easier and more fun than it seems!



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Ann Smi
Ann Smi
March 4
I had to relocate my belongings many times in the last three years, and something always broke to the other side. I was so frustrated that I was even ready to do everything on my own, but my brother knew someone in Blue Bell, and he sent me his contact information. I was straight that I would not bear any losses, and he asked me to rest assured. I have everything relocated safely for the first time.
David Warner
David Warner
December21, 2020
My parents were shifting near my place in Omaha and were a bit confused about how to relocate everything. My friends suggested that I use Blue Bell services, and we called them. They gave me an estimated cost on the call itself and completed the service well within the time frame. My parents also had a great time interacting with their amicable workers. I am happy with their service and their polite working staff.
Harry Dawn
Harry Dawn
December 19, 2020
Their service is unmatched, and so is their professionalism. I required someone for fast shifting and relocation, and I explained my situation to the Bluebell's manager. He gave me a quote immediately and began the process. I did not expect anyone to relocate all my items to my new location 50 kilometers away the next day. Blue Bell services have indeed proved me wrong by doing it very efficiently. I am impressed with the team's strength and dedication to serving their customers.
Era Grass
Era Grass
November 25, 2020
The crew did an awesome job of making sure nothing was damaged. They showed up a few minutes earlier and were very friendly to us. I am very happy with this company.
James Taylor
James Taylor
November 25, 2020
They recently assist me in moving out the one bed room luggage. This company staff member was incredible in conversation and perfect in handling everything with immense care. Surely 5 stars rating.
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Ruby Cens
November 24, 2020
If you are looking for the best relocation services then I would love to suggest Bluebell relocation consultants. I can say 100% they are the best in New Jersey. Try their amazing service.
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William Miller
October 4, 2020
Indeed, Bluebell Relocation Services are the best in town for providing packing and moving services. Every worker is well professional and does not create any chaos. They work in an organized manner and am impressed by them. I highly recommend them to all.

Bluebell Relocation Services

45 reviews

  • Avatar Casey Kelly ★★★★★ June 18, 2019
    I used this company 3 weeks ago for my move while I relocated with my family. It was a huge move. They had to pack, move and store all my belongings and they had to lift and move the heavy furniture and stuffs using the very narrow stair ways from the 5th floor. I was ready for some damage but nothing happened like that. Movers did extremely well to move all my stuff at the right place within the allotted time and in one piece. I am really impressed and happy with the service their men and also happy how their rep managed to schedule my move and my thanks also goes to the outside estimator for a very precise onsite estimate. I recommend Bluebell Relocation Services to everyone for all kind of relocation needs.
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