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My husband and I went with Bluebell for a move from an apartment to a house as their prices were competitive and we really liked the interaction with our point of contact at Bluebell.
Megan S.
But, they quick, safe with furniture and set everything up in the new apartment. Took a couple of hours and it was all done.
And I’m going to say how I feel & say what I want ! Once again you’re company is trashyhh , DONT MOVE WITH BLUEBELLS !!!!!!!!!
ojetta j.
They did an amazing job and were so nice and flexible. I can't say enough good things, especially for a very fair price.
William F.
On time, quick, careful packing, delivery was also on time and there were no damages. I do not need more than this.
Joan H.
Honestly, this was the best moving experience I've ever had.
Sean M.
They are lazy you will pay you’re money just for them to ask you for help & sandy will sweet talk to you in the beginning & once you pay the price goes up !
ojetta j.
The moving team was very professional, hard working and took great care with my items.
Allan J.
I am very happy with service provided by Bluebell Relocation Services. I am very happy and will surely opt them for my next move.
Floyd D.
I had over 100 boxes I had packed myself and protected my furniture with my own moving blankets and mattress covers. they were a no show.
Kenny R.
I had over 100 boxes I had packed myself and protected my furniture with my own moving blankets and mattress covers. they were a no show.
William R.
I had over 100 boxes I had packed myself and protected my furniture with my own moving blankets and mattress covers. they were a no show.
William R.
Bluebell Relocation Services was an incredible moving company in all aspects of customer service. On t...
Lawrence J Durrant S.
I was really impressed with Bluebell Relocation Services. They provided me multiple options and a great price quote. They wrapped a...
Donald F.
After making enquiries from...
David M.
The movers themselves were great on both occasions though.
anthony f.
Couldn't get a quote and had to call my friend to move
Edmund Del T.
The movers were so professional to handle my move. They packed everything and didn’t break anything. My furniture came in a good shape.
Demetrius R.
In fact, I found Bluebell Relocation Services to be more serious, more focused and more professional than others.
Robert J.
I have no doubts that they are one of the best companies in business. There was nothing I could have asked for.
Mark R.
Perfect moving experience with Bluebell! Would absolutely recommend Bluebell to a friend.
Kelsey Z.
Everyone is very friendly and helpful. But read all the fine print.
Laralyn M.
The workers were very pleasant and move very fast from one place to another.
barbara l.
Courteous, quick and a pleasure to work with. I am satisfied with the service provided.
Donald A.
They are very professional and also very understanding. I changed the moving dates two times and they never said a word. Thank you very much.
Mitchell W.
I used Bluebell Relocation Services because of all the great reviews and they did not disappoint. I would use them again in a heartbeat.
Bessie E.
The service was less than what was expected. Upon delivery, they found the custom made shelves were shattered.
Ml J.
Great service and well worth the money. The sales rep did a great job giving us a quote and setting up the move.
William S.
Bluebell Relocation Services is a sure bet - the best moving company we have ever used.
Billy Michael Batey J.
I had a fabulous moving experience with Bluebell Relocation Services.
Peter Mr O.
lucky for the people giving good reviews to this place cause I wasn't that lucky my furniture arrived damage, missing boxes, bins ladder hand truck and now...
Enery L.
I see a lots of ☆☆☆☆☆ stars in the reviews lucky for them cause I wasn't that lucky my furniture arrived damage, missing boxes, bins ladder hand truck and now its my fault because I didn't purchase and Insurance, I packed must of my stuff but the big Items the arrived damage they did the packaging and they said for "free" nope because I paid for movingNow they are not responsible no body is but me when they are the one who did the movingTruly DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE -☆
enery l.
Bluebell Relocation Services really did a great job with my move. Things went very smoothly from my 2-bedroom apartment to my new home.
Joseph Patrick J.
Everything went as smoothly as one can ever expect from a dream move. I would definitely hire them again and recommend them around.
Thomas R.
But Bluebell Relocation Services e...
Larry Glenn Morgan I.
Bluebell Relocation Services gave me a personalized and professional moving service. I admired them and will definitely use them again
Ernest W.
The speed in which the movers from Geo Van Lines worked saved me a lot of time.
Frances Pauline H.
These movers were excellent. I phoned the office prior to the move to schedule an appointment and the movers were on time on the move day.
Timothy S.
I have moved a lot of times and these folks are the best.
Buck N.
Bluebell Relocation Services did a great job with my move. The moving team arrived on time and did a wonderful job moving my household.
Robert H.
Bluebell Relocation Services was excellent during my recent move. I never doubted them at any time during talking to them.
Tonya Cherise P.
Excellent customer service, and most importantly, excellent movers. They were 15 minutes early, and worked very quickly.
Mary P.
Everyone I worked with here has been great. They were very friendly and communicative in booking. We'd use Bluebell again!
Joseph G.
I am truly satisfied and grateful for the services that Bluebell Relocation Services has provided for me. You are #1 in my book.
Rochanda W.
Great company. I will definitely use them again.
Norris F.
I had a wonderful experience with the movers I was surprised to see negative reviews...
Giselle D.
The movers were fast and efficient.They stayed within our quoted budget and were very professional
giselle d.
The movers were on time, friendly and efficient. I add...
Candra B.
I was blown away by the speed and accuracy displayed by the movers from Bluebell Relocation Services during my last move.
Albert H.
The whole move was very efficient overall! I couldn’t be any happier when I received all my stuffs intact.
Ralph D.
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