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We Are Experienced And Dependable Rockaway, NJ Long Distance Movers. The Best Rockaway, NJ Long Distance Moving Company is Bluebell Relocation Services. Affordable Rates and Efficient Service Moving To or From Rockaway, NJ from Out of State. Call Us Today!

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to Bluebell Relocation Services. We offer long distance moving services across the country with direct, personal service where your goods are not transported on a semi with other customer’s belongings. National moving companies are notorius for packing multiple customers on the same trucks and then this is where problems can arise during transport that can get your goods stuck in another state for up to several weeks at a time. Research the claims against national moving companies and you’ll see how often this has happened.

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By going with a local moving company licensed for long distance moving you have the peace of mind that your goods will be delivered on time. Though a truck breakdown can occur with any company, at the least your goods can be transferred on to another truck and then the move completed. Imagine the nightmare of using a national moving company who puts your goods on a loaded semi and then that semi is unloaded improperly in another state or experiences a breakdown, or is simply lost in the sea of nationwide freight transport. Buyer beware: You might not see your goods for several weeks.

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We offer professional packing services for a long distance move and can arrive prior to your move (1 – 2 days beforehand for example) and go through and pack / organize your belongings for transport. This can make moving day go faster and actually save you money when moving day rolls around.

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At Bluebell Relocation Services, we are a full service relocation company and as a long distance mover we do not work the same way the national van lines do. Your belongings will be transported by themselves, on a full size box truck (or multiple box trucks depending on the size of your move) and not placed on a semi truck with other customers belongings. This gives you the peace of mind that your belongings will not get held up by an out of state trucking yard being handled by low paid warehouse workers.

Our movers are professional and our company is licensed and insured for long distance moving interstate to or from Rockaway, NJ and or another state.

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When you need moving to or from Rockaway, NJ we can get you there. We are a smaller company than the bloated national moving companies and operate with a lot less overhead. Not only can we beat them on PRICE in many scenarios, but we also beat them on personalized service and delivery time (we deliver in just 2 – 4 days for example typically) and what it means to go the extra mile for a customer. That’s something you just won’t find at most moving companies. Read our reviews on Google Maps and it should be obvious that we are a great pick when it comes to professional moving.