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Piano moving deserves a category all its own, not just because pianos are at once enormously heavy, unwieldy and delicate, but also because they can hold sentimental value capable of producing everything from a Chopin nocturne to a Joplin rag. Moving your piano can be quite the task. Not just because of the delicate nature of the instrument, but because it’s something that’s extremely dear and valuable to you.

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The logistics of moving a piano can involve many steps as there are many potential hurdles to consider such as narrow staircases, doorways and passageways. Employing strong workers with proper training and experience using time-tested techniques and equipment, Bluebell Relocation Services has the impeccable pedigree to move your piano safely and without damage to its new home, wherever that may be.

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If you are moving with a piano or antique piano, let us know so that so that we can prepare and bring the proper equipment and right number of crew/ team members for the job. Use the following table as a guide to determine the specific type of piano you have to move so you can tell us when you call.

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As positive as a move to a new place is – that doesn’t make it to be something easy. In fact, relocation can be quite tough if you relax and let your guard down – you need to anticipate problems and meet them head-on. For example – how would you deal with relocating a piano? Don’t worry – Bluebell Relocation Services has the perfect answer! Our piano movers Rumson, NJ are here to answer that very same question!

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Once you start dealing with your relocation, hitting a snag like relocating a piano can be tough – it can stop you in your tracks. But then the question arises – can you handle moving this precious instrument on your own, or do you need professional help to do it? Of course, it all depends on your level of skill and expertise. But in our experienced opinion, you should leave this to one of the best professional piano movers Rumson, NJ has to offer. Why? Because pianos are extremely difficult to move, and you’ll see why soon enough.

Let’s face it – a piano is one of the heaviest musical instruments out there. It’s definitely not something you can pick up and load onto a van that easily, trust us. And yes, we know that this is something you’ve always known. But even so – people tend to underestimate the weight and overestimate their abilities. And with something as valuable as a piano, you don’t want to take any chances. That’s why Bluebell Relocation Services is home to some of the most professional piano movers Rumson, NJ has. So if you want us to rid you of this burden – go right ahead and give us a call!

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And remember – the weight of the piano isn’t the only issue here, not by a longshot. In other news – pianos have very awkward shapes, ones that don’t lend themselves to easy moving. Among other things, that’s why they tend to be the constant set pieces in any room they occupy. Moving them through doorways and down stairs can really become a nightmare. That’s just one of the many reasons people opt to have professional movers relocate their piano – it’s really quiet a hassle. But it’s not that most people who hire piano movers Rumson, NJ are lazy, or don’t care – quite the opposite. Not only is relocating a piano a giant hassle – any mistake can also be enormously costly. A piano is simply one of the most expensive musical instruments out there – and damaging one during transit can end up costing you a lot of money. That’s why we recommend you contact us, and having people from Bluebell Relocation Services just deal with this professionally.