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Our company Bluebell Relocation Services have had the privilege of providing premier Safe Mover services to customers in the Rumson, NJ area. Our company has found that our clients find us when searching for the following services; Safe Mover, Brown Safe Mover, vault installation and Wall Safe Mover.

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Bluebell Relocation Services has become an industry leader in providing a reliable safe mover. As a safe mover, we come across a variety of sizes and weights usually stored in game rooms, basements and libraries. They are typically large and heavy. Many of the safes we have moved require a lot of planning due to their size and shape. It can be quite a challenge to move from a room, through a doorway, then turn the corner and move down the hallway. In cases where the safe is on a second floor or basement, special circumstances need to be considered. We take a look at doors that may need to be removed, walls that need to be protected, floors that need to support thousands of pounds of weight on a single point.

With over a decade of experience, Bluebell Relocation Services mover has built an incredible reputation and relationship with clients. One of our client’s favorite quality of our company is our dedication to confidentiality and protecting the privacy of our clients.

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Our safe movers are qualified to handle jobs of all sizes. Whether you have a small wall or floor safe or a safe that is extremely heavy and over a thousand pounds our team has the material, experience and equipment to get the job done. We not only do residential projects; we also do commercial work for any safe moving or vault installation needs.

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Safe movers need to balance substantial weight. There is no room for error. There is no way to stop a 5000-pound rectangular shape that gets away. It’s just too much weight to stop.

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As a result, our safe mover takes into consideration every precaution. We need to visit the property and make careful inspection of every step of the move. We consider the weight, angles and different surfaces.

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Once we have moved outside, our safe mover typically has built ramps enabling us to move down stairs, across walkways, grass or dirt areas, across septic fields. Then we need to get the gun safe onto our truck or van. In many cases we have built out a wooden box to protect against potential scratching.
Many safes are not just steel boxes for storing but fine-looking storage units.