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Storage services are a large part of the moving world. There are many reasons that people seek storage options. Whether it be space constraints on a current or future residence, long-term work assignments or military deployments, or the safe-keeping of valuables, it is likely, at some point, you will require storage services.

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Bluebell Relocation Services is proud to offer, Department of Defense approved, storage services to the general public. This is an option that surpasses military guidelines for your long- or short-term storage needs. Storage is a specialized service for the safe, secure, and worry free storage of your furniture, art, antiques, and any other valuables you may not have space for at this time. Your goods are stored in secure wooden vaults that provide a dust, moisture, and pest free environment for long term protection. We are able to offer storage for the complete contents of your home or just a single family heirloom. You will only pay for the space that you use.

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The loading of the vaults is handled by Bluebell Relocation Services’s highly trained staff to ensure maximum efficiency and utilization. We protect your goods by initially wrapping them in quilts, sealing shut the door of your vault, stacking your vault among all the other vaults, and keeping it in a fenced, locked, continuously monitored and patrolled warehouse. There aren’t many more secure places to keep anything.

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Bluebell Relocation Services is one of the nation’s leading international moving and storage companies because we take the details seriously so that you don’t have to. We are the storage company that you can trust.
We can store anything, including fragile items, appliances, art, electronics, large safes, pianos, your vehicles, and more. If you have a specialty item that isn’t listed here, and you would like to make sure that we can store it for you, just give us a quick call at 201-468-6024 and we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding your upcoming storage requirements.

You will be pleasantly surprised by how convenient it is to store your valuables with Bluebell Relocation Services. You can be certain that your belongings are professionally packed by a licensed and insured moving and storage company. Your belongings will be meticulously inventoried and documented prior to entering one of our storage facilities. All of your goods will be stored together. You will never have to worry about your items being mixed with another customer’s belongings.

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All of our storage vaults are clean and sanitized prior to use. And, unlike other storage companies, we utilize the top inventory management systems available so that we are able to locate, retrieve, and deliver your vault(s) as soon as you are ready for them. Our warehouses are DoD approved and constantly monitored for water hazards, fire hazards, pests, and theft. You can be sure that when you use Bluebell Relocation Services for your storage needs, your valuables will be in the same condition when you get them back as they were when you put them in.

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Storage containers are large, pre-built, wooden crates that can be moved and stacked with a forklift in a warehouse. The standard size for a vault is 5’ wide x 6’ long x 7’ tall. It will hold about one large room of furniture. Warehouses are climate controlled, have 24 hour security, and are routinely checked for pests. An average apartment needs between 2 and 4 vaults while the average house uses anywhere from 4 to 8. You only pay for the space that you need and your goods are very secure. Each furniture item is wrapped in a storage quilt, sealed in the vault, and the vault is sealed in a continuously monitored and patrolled warehouse. Because your vaults are located inside our warehouse you will need to give 24 hour notice to access your goods. This allows us time to retrieve your vaults and make them accessible to you. Your items can be securely stored, and remain in good condition, for as long as you need.