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Moving a safe can be complex and dangerous if you aren’t familiar with the proper process, and if you lack the proper equipment. At Bluebell Relocation Services, we always double check with our customers when planning a move to see if they have any large or unique objects such as a safe moving or a gun safe for valuables. It is critical to hire experienced safe movers for large, heavy items – The risk of damage and injury is increased, even if you are just moving your safe from one room to another. Give our experts a call!

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Our custom quote will walk through the details of your move, even if you are simply relocating the safe within your own home. This allows us to plan for your unique move and prepare with the proper equipment and man power.

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Not every moving company is able to handle your safe in a reliable manner, but Bluebell Relocation Services trains our staff in order to handle large objects like heavy safes properly, to ensure we prevent any damage or injuries. Our limit for safes is 800 pounds.

Getting your safe ready for Bluebell Relocation Services to keep costs efficient when you hire our safe movers, we have some tips and best practices to prepare for moving day.

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Remove everything from your safe before we arrive. Transporting valuables separately will keep them from getting damaged during the move (This applies even if you are moving your safe within your home from one room to the next). We are legally not able to move weaponry and firearms of any kind. We will walk you through making the proper arrangements.

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During driving or moving your safe we may need to tilt your safe for access and to secure it during transport – emptying your safe is always best. If your safe is bolted to the floor or the wall, we will need easy access to the bolts. Clear a path to the safe, we will ensure we have plenty of working space to move the safe.

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If you are moving the safe from room to room, decide on a location and a backup location. Measure doorways if we are not completing a walk throughway. This will ensure the safe will fit through with space on either side. Always let us know if stairs are involved. Move your safe to your new home, or to a different room in your house with our professional safe movers. Give us a call today to walk through the quoting process!